Vanguard Gràfic

Last 21th and 28th of november, pupils of the master could visit the printer Vanguard Gràfic and have an extended explanation about the different print process of a publication, packaging, etc. This activity was part of the subject Graphic Production given by the professor Lluc Massaguer.

2016_vanguardgrafic2This visit, divided in two days, has been highly fruitful and teaching, thanks of the students participative attitude and the explanations of Josep Amat, who guided both sessions and went with the group along the printer installations.

Among other things, the students have been in touch with different materials, supports and inks; they have learnt about the different print processes, watching in live all the operating machinery and they have thought about what we have to bear in mind when developing a print project, the importance of production tracking and the synergy with the different professionals.


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