Sergi Martínez de Catdroid

Visit with Sergi Martinez

Sergi Martínez de Catdroid

Last week the postgrad students at Eina received what was their second presentation on the theme of “apps” presented by Sergi Martinez from Catdroid.  Sergi, an expert in everything to do with the world of “apps” and the newest app developing tools, explained the potential and reality of taking advantage of this new growing market.

During the session we came up with a new web application idea. Guided by Sergi’s suggestions, we thought of what need our app might serve, the kind of business model we might use, and finally the platform most adequate for our potential final product.

We quickly realized that for something so small, the invention of an app had some big considerations, and HUGE potential.

Through relative examples Sergi explained the necessary steps and concepts to consider during the conceptualization phase of any app; moreover, the questions we needed to ask and be able to answer as graphic designers (and programmers in the making).

By the end of the last session, we realized that if we had the ambition, everything we needed to enter into the world of app development and design was at our finger tips (via some “Googling” of course) Thus, if we really wanted to step in and become a part of changing how humans interact with their devices…we could make an “app for that!”

Sessió de Christian Llansola a Eina

Visit with Christian Llansola from Grafik Oh

Sessió de Christian Llansola a Eina

Last week Christian Llansola, a Designer from Grafik Oh, specializing in web page layout and ecommerce shared his knowledge and some very useful email newsletter design techniques during an interactive session with the students of the Postgrad in Web Design and Digital Publications.

Thanks to Christian, we learned that the

tag in html is still the most adequate when it comes to crafting email designs that are all-email-server-readable.

Then, in the spirit of Saint George, Christian led us in an exercise to create our own newsletters with some pretty romantic graphics <3…

Some key words!

A mini applause for the postgrad students of Web Design and Digital Publications for completing not one, but TWO courses in April 2012: “Digital Publications Analysis and Management with professor Diego Fernández and “Introduction to Programming” taught by professor Jordi Collel.

To better share our reflections and learnings, we’ve captured a few “key words” / concepts from each class on film… we hope you enjoy our dorky video 😉

Luciana Caires

We invite you to take a look at the new website of Luciana Caires, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, graduate of the Postgrad program of EINA.

Luciana is Portuguese, born on the island of Madeira. She studied Design/Project Design at the University of Madeira and she recently completed a Postgraduate degree in Graphic Elements at EINA, Institute of Art and Design in Barcelona.

She is a designer with a great love and passion for Barcelona’s unique design scene, and thus seeks  fellow designers with whom she can collaborate and a studio where she can contribute with her desire to work, learn and explore.

She thanks you for visiting her site!


A Visit to Fuelgrafics


Entering into Fuelgrafic´s space–a design studio just as we´ve imagined one in Barcelona should be–a place best described as part laboratory of ideas/ part creative workshop–and right next to the MACBA! Our prof Diego Fernandez Puig and his colleague gave us a friendly welcome, followed by a quick tour and an unexpected bonus…free coffee! : )

Next, Diego led us in a discussion about the realities of the transformation of graphic/web design in our times–the pretty and the not so pretty…followed by a debate about the future of design, the new tools and the facts that go along with an exponential technological revolution.

For those loyal to the book/paper and more traditional print design, it seemed to us that there would be an increase in competition amongst designers who specialize in “classic print” as the demand for such design continues to decrease. For those of us excited and motivated by the realm of digital design, it seemed that they would encounter opportunities that we can´t even imagine…

Lastly, Diego shared a few examples of Fuegrafic´s projects, starting with the client agreement and ending with some final products; thus showing us that a good design project demands from both the designers and the clients a great deal of planning, patience and of course imagination!



Redesign of a Digital Publication with Gloria Langreo

The more information a website has, the more clear and organized the design must be–this was one of the main takeaways from  Glòria Langreo´s dynamic charla, presented during the Web Projects class of the Master.

During Gloria´s presentation, she shared with us how complicated, but also how much fun the redesign of a digital publication could be! We were thus able to see how the lessons of the classroom (wireframes, css, and sprites…to name a few!!!) are actually applied in the real world–the best kind of motivation for our group of ambitious designers!

María Jacas

We invite you to take a look at the new website of María Jacas, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, graduate of the Postgrad program of Graphic Design at EINA.

Maria Jacas was born the 12th of September in Tarragona and studied Advertisement and Public Relations at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, where she was awarded an International Relations Scholarship at the University of Austral in Chile. She has also earned a postgraduate certificate in Illustration from Massana; as well as a postgraduate certificate in Graphic Design at Eina. 


Maria currently works as a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer in Barcelona, Spain. 

illustracion para Lecool

The new Deezine

This week, Post Grad Professor Diego Fernández, who works for on strategy and online creativity projects, released an iPad application called Deezine.

Deezine is an app which enables simple, interactive publication design using digital content from the user’s iPad, or from one of his or hers favorite social media platforms, for example:

  • iPad Photo Albums
  • Flickr Albums
  • Facebook Photos
  • Youtube or Vimeo Videos
  • Content from RSS Feeds

Deezine is based on templates or themed-layouts, which are ready to be edited with the content that the user deems of interest. Each layout contains various page options, which cover all of the possible necessities of a publication. Each layout also contains various sorts of interactions based on multi-touch gestures, thus permitting an infinite combination of experiences and information reading modes.

Stay tuned for the Free “Deezine Reader” coming out soon!

Click to see the Deezine app in the iTunes Store

The Official Website:

dezzine app 3

Graphic Design Master (dot) com

…And so we have arrived at the second part of this year’s Graphic Design Master at EINA, that which started in September 2011 with a Post Grad in the Elements of Graphic Design and continues with the Post Grad in Web Design and Digital Publications.

For some of us, this marks just the beginning of the road to becoming distinguished graphic design professionals; while for others it has been a transition from the more traditional teachings of the art of graphic design to techniques which are solely digital and applicable to the world of visual communication via the Internet.

To both we say: Welcome! Good Luck! And that your work may be “fino, fino, fino!”

Presentació final de Projectes amb Martí Ferré// Presentación final de Proyectos con Martí Ferré


L’últim dia de classe del postgrau de disseny d’elements gràfics, tenim la presentació final de l’assignatura de projectes. Tots els alumnes mostren el seu disseny i aplicació de la imatge corporativa, treballada y tutoritzada pel professor Martí Ferré, L’aplicació de la imatge sobre diversos formats com; cartells publicitaris, maquetes de senyalètica, web corporativa, entrades, flyers, menús de restaurant o agendes de teatre… En aquesta última presentació vam comptar amb les correccions i opinions dels professors Lluc Massaguer i Salvador Huertas, que van aportar noves idees i un clima molt familiar.


El último día de clase del postgrado de diseño de elementos gráficos, tenemos la presentación final de la asignatura de proyectos. Todos los alumnos muestran su diseño y aplicación de la imagen corporativa, trabajada y tutorizada por el profesor Martí Ferré, La aplicación de la imagen sobre diversos formatos como; carteles publicitarios, maquetas de señalética, web corporativa, entradas, flyers, menús de restaurante o agendas de teatro … En esta última presentación contamos con las correcciones y opiniones de los profesores Lluc Massaguer y Salvador Huertas, que aportaron nuevas ideas y un clima muy familiar.