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The subject of Web Projects, taught by Anna Fuster, addresses the development of a web project, its approach and the obtaining of a functional prototype, graphic proposals, layout and server installation. Within the framework of this course, the students of the master’s degree have been visited by two representatives of Buy Yourself, an innovative app that allows you to buy without queuing. The two representatives, designer and programmer of this start-up, have explained to us the operation of their project, the development process they carried out both at the level of user-based design and organization and management of the business system.

Along the talk, they have evidenced the importance of understanding the user’s context and adjusting the project to their needs, based on UX / UI techniques and processes. In their case, they have sought to solve the problem of queues when buying in a clothing store and make this experience more practical for the user. By the moment, they have focused on small clothing stores, since the app is in a first phase of launch and implementation in this type of commerce is simpler.

Screenshots from APP Buy Yourself
  1. Enter to the store, choose the products and scan with the APP their bar codes.
  2. You can automatically discover the features of the product, such as when you buy online.
  3. The purchase is made without queuing to pay. Simply by pressing a buy button.

The talk has had several moments where members of the Buy Yourself team advised students about the role differentiation within a company, the role of the designer, their interaction and understanding with other professionals and also about models of financing and promotion within the economic framework of a start-up.

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