Coffee with Rosa Medina

On March 6th, the conference of “Cafè amb Rosa Medina” titled UX and Viking life was done. Rosa Medina finished her graphic design studies at EINA in 2010. She continued at EINA doing a Web Design postgraduate and Web 2.0 at UPF, combining studies and freelance work in UX / UI and front-end development in several projects. In 2013, after participating in the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (IDRC) summer course, she decided to move to Denmark and study a Master’s Degree in Service Design at the AAU. Since 2015 she has worked for several Danish companies with the roles of usability tester and UX designer. She currently works as a UX designer for Momondo. You can listen the recording of this conference in this link.

“Cafè amb…” is a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design where, basing on different professional points of view, some subjects related with the design field are dealt. This is a series of one hour length monthly meetings, free and open to public.

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