A new guest: Oscar Guayabero

On January 15 and 24, we received Oscar Guayabero in our classroom, all within the subject of Identity Projects taught by Xavier Alamany.

Oscar Guayabero defines himself as a para-designer. Actually what he does is tell stories, he does it through objects, writing, installations, books, curating exhibitions and also teaching, publishing articles, activating platforms …

The session began with a conference where design was treated as a tool for social change, possible through the sum of the basic elements design + empathy + mediation- All shown with different design examples, their impact on society and your benefit

Then Oscar, along with Xavier, observed and listened to the different project proposals of the students in order to lead them towards a better projection, understanding and visualizing the strengths of each project as well as the weakest aspects to strengthen. It generated a session of debate and collective correction of the most interesting!

We are very grateful.

Starting a new project in Montbau, Barcelona

We’ve just started a new project with Xavier Alamany, professor of Graphic Identity Projects. The project is focused on identity design in one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​in Montbau.

We started it with the masterclass by Albert Crispi, architect with a long professional career, founder of architecture and rehabilitation AC architecture and rehabilitation, and professor of EINA since 2004. During the session he showed us the functioning of the neighborhood since its beginnings til nowadays. How it was raised urbanistically and how people interact with the elements that form it. At the same time within the architectural field, Albert carried out the rehabilitation of one of his buildings in the Montbau plan. Projected in 1960 by the architects Xavier Subias, Guillermo Giráldez and Lopez Íñigo for the Habitatge Municipal Patronat, it is one of the best examples of rationalist concrete architecture in Barcelona. Through the experience of this rehabilitation we were able to understand both the architectural intention and the will of the neighborhood association towards the neighborhood and its connection with it.

To complement the information about Montbau, we wen on tour with Xavier Alamany. We were able to see the distribution of the neighborhood, the functioning of the main squares and the most hidden ones, the existing stores, the architecture and its relationship with the character of Montbau. We went through the most characteristic buildings, we understood their unity despite having been designed by different architects, the green areas that complements the neighborhood and we got an idea about the daily life of the people who live in it.

Understanding the essence of the neighborhood was essential to focus realistically on the identity project.

María Jacas

We invite you to take a look at the new website of María Jacas, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, graduate of the Postgrad program of Graphic Design at EINA.

Maria Jacas was born the 12th of September in Tarragona and studied Advertisement and Public Relations at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, where she was awarded an International Relations Scholarship at the University of Austral in Chile. She has also earned a postgraduate certificate in Illustration from Massana; as well as a postgraduate certificate in Graphic Design at Eina. 


Maria currently works as a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer in Barcelona, Spain. 

illustracion para Lecool

L’ex-estudiant del màster de Disseny Gràfic, Nerea Borrell, estrena blog, NEREDIS // La ex-estudiante del master de Diseño Gràfico, Nerea Borrell, estrena blog, NEREDIS


L’ex-estudiant del màster de Disseny Gràfic, Nerea Borrell, estrena blog, NEREDIS.
Dins el blog veureu diversos projectes de disseny gràfic i d’altres projectes on el disseny gràfic és aplicat sobre altres materials no tant convencionals com el paper, per exemple; moneders amb serigrafia, il·lustracions per a pitets de nadons, targetes de visita, i un divertit video del seu autorretrat.


La ex-estudiante del máster de Disseny Gràfic, Nerea Borrell, estrena blog, NEREDIS.
Dentro del blog vereis diversos proyectos de diseño gráfico y otros proyectos donde el diseño gráficoes aplicado sobre otros materiales no tan convencionales como el papel, por ejemplo; monederos con serigrafía, ilustraciones para baberos de bebés, tarjetas de visita, y un divertido video de su autorretrato.


L’últim llibre de Xavier Alamany / El último libro de Xavier Alamany

El llibre “Another Little Book printed in Black and Red” de Xavier Alamany, professor de Projectes d’Identitat gràfica del Màster, també es ven a la botiga del MoMA de NYC.

El libro “Another Little Book printed in Black and Red” de Xavier Alamany, profesor de Proyectos de Identidad gráfica del Máster, también se vende en la tienda del MoMA de NYC.

Professors del Màster a la Festa del Grafisme / Profesores del Máster en la Festa del Grafisme

Tipo: Joan Massó / Foto: Col·lectiu Sense Sangs

El cap de setmana de l’1 al 3 d’octubre de 2010 se celebra a Portbou la Festa del Grafisme. Hi participen varis professors del Màster en Disseny Gràfic: Xavier Alamany, Anna Fuster, Daniel Julià i Martí Ferré.

Consulteu-ne el programa!


El fin de semana del 1 al 3 de octubre de 2010 se celebra en Portbou la “Festa del Grafisme“. Participan varios profesores del Máster en Diseño Gráfico: Xavier Alamany, Anna Fuster, Daniel Julià y Martí Ferré.

Consultad el programa!