Study UX / UI of the experience of reading news online, Jóse Navarro’s Final Master’s work.

In the present time, humanity has the widest access to the information that has ever been received, nevertheless each time is more frequent to hear voices from diverse areas of the knowledge, talk about the ‘age of disinformation’ or neologisms such as ‘Postruth’ and ‘infoxicación’. Setting aside objective facts to appeal to the emotions, beliefs or wishes of the public has been become the end of the media. This is a global issue and needs to be addressed from all disciplines that intervene in the act of communicating news.

One area that I find relevant is the interaction design, directly related to the emotional in the reception and assimilation of the news. It is a key role of digital design to
clarify the presentation of information in the midst of this chaos, both mediatic and communicative. This research project will focus on the particular experience of reading an online newspaper. Redesigning the interface and information architecture. The conclusions will be applied to an existing product, to show an end result.

Júlia Valldolitx, Catàleg de Patrimoni en Perill

Catàleg de patrimoni en perill, Júlia Valldolitx’s Final Master’s work.

This project aims to put together a heritage catalogue and prepare its publicity campaign within the context of social conflict. We will use the town of Prat de Llobregat as a case study but with the intention that this catalogue may be used in other locations with similar problems.

The main aim of this project is to give value to demolished, endangered or downgraded buildings while involving the local population in the process of creating this new catalogue. We want to use the materials created and its publicity campaign to give visibility to elements that have been excluded from an “official” catalogue, while also using it as a lobbying tool against public institutions which are insensitive to elements of historical and social value.

Júlia VaJúlia Valldolitx, Catàleg de Patrimoni en Perilllldolitx, Catàleg de Patrimoni en Perill


Júlia Valldolitx, Catàleg de Patrimoni en Perill

Júlia Valldolitx, Catàleg de Patrimoni en Perill



“I came here to talk about _”


On 3 of December the exhibition “I came here to talk about _” opened, which gathers the work of the las two editions of Master of Graphic Design of EINA, where people from different fields went through its own vision and what they learned along the year, applied to graphic design.

The result has been a very interesting exhibition where you can see graphic applied to web design, publishing, print, video … The exhibition remains open until January 15, 2016 in EINA Espai barra de ferro.


Exposició Màster en Disseny Gràfic EINA - Desembre 2013

Master in Graphic Design Exhibition

Exhibition 12/12/2013-22/02/2014
at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro
Carrer Barra de Ferro, 2 – 08003 Barcelona
Open from monday to saturday from 4pm to 8pm
Closed from 21/12/13 to 06/01/14

Graphartists, graphitects, graphicators and other newly-created species
The exhibition brings together the results of the three intakes of the EINA Master’s in Graphic Design, which has welcomed in artists, communicators, illustrators, publicists, architects… and from which have emerged hybrid “species”, new professionals capable of undertaking graphic and web design projects from a new perspective, taking advantage of synergies of both disciplines.
We are, therefore, showing the results of a stage in education that has led to the creation of these new species, with a good ability to adapt to the present time of transformation that the world of design is experiencing.

Laura Alonso AraguasSantiago Amaya (Xato)Laura De Bonis, Nerea Borrell Cedó, Marta Brinchi GiustiGeorgina Cabrera CastellsLluís Castelló CatchotIdoia Etxebarria ErcillaAnna Ferrer TorremadéCecilia GórrizPaula Marfull Barbier, Elisenda Muns, Laie Ortin MuñozRachel PapernickRosa Roselló Garrigó, Anna Sànchez, Noemi Sánchez AntónMartina Tarabal

Design space: Nerea Borrell Cedó
Graphic Design: Noemí Sánchez Antón and Elisenda Muns
Coordination: Anna Fuster and Lluc Massaguer