Lecture with Angel Rocamora, administrator


On December 13th, as part of the subject “design project and analysis management”, we had the opportunity to enjoy a lecture by Angel Rocamora, Futbol Club Barcelona’s financial manager and associate professor of tax and financial law at the University of Barcelona (UB).

The lecture consisted in a masterclass on a graphic designer’s fiscal and social obligations. Some of the issues covered were basic concepts (such as direct taxes and indirect taxes, or the functions of the Tax Agency and the Social Security), conditions when you are working for a company, circumstances when you work as a freelancer, and advantages and disadvantages of founding a society.

Angel expressed himself clearly and patiently, and he even answered all of our questions by the end of the session. It was a very useful lecture, contributing to a greater mastery of the topic and a much needed orientation towards our professional future.


Visit to Morillas and TheRoomRooms


On November 29th, as part of the “design project and analysis management” subject, we visited two different centres: the Morillas agency and TheRoomRooms’ studio.

Morillas is an international branding agency founded on 1962 in Barcelona by Antoni Morillas. It has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Guatemala, and it specializes in big brands’ public image. From its many departments, distributed in five floors, it can solve a business’ naming, identity, commercial strategy or packaging.

Apart from taking a tour around the company’s facilities and seeing how its employees work, we could there learn a little about its founder and appreciate some of his works of art.

TheRoomRooms, on the other hand, is a small communication and graphic design agency with almost 8 years of experience composed of three women, Blanca, Gemma and Elena. They told us about starting an agency in the middle of the financial crisis, about internal organisation, and about the process behind their projects (for example, stop motion animations for Penguin Random House’s audiobooks).

It was interesting to see such different agencies, each one with its own work methods. Thanks a lot for treating us well!

Check out their instagram and behance accounts:

@morillasbranding  /morillasbranding

@theroomrooms   /theroomrooms




Visit to the Vanguard Gràfic printing house


In November the students paid a visit to Vanguard Gràfic printing house, one of the most prestigious in the city, with more than 100 years of history.

They had a chance to see the machinery in action, along with offset plates, die cutters and other tools used in this profession. Later they met Josep Amat, who told them about materials, different projects, and tips for being better at solving design-related problems.

It was an opportunity to talk through doubts, to get an idea of how does a printing house work, and to highlight the importance of an understanding between the designer and the printer.



Visit to the Barra de Ferro workshop

On Monday, 9th October, the students from the Master in Graphic Design visited the printmaking workshop in EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Once there Lluc Massaguer, professor of Graphic Arts, and Esther Aguila, the workshop mistress, taught them step by step the process of screen printing. The screens were coated with photosensitive emulsion, then dried and exposed to light, washed out with a pressure washer, and in the end the students had a chance to print the designs on all kinds of mediums: paper, cardboard, fabric, etc.

Screen printing is a technique full of possibilities: you can use it on many different surfaces, getting very interesting results.

Barra de Ferro is not only a workshop but also an exhibition hall. You can find it in Barra de Ferro Street 2, open Monday – Saturday from 4pm to 8pm.





Start of the school year and Rai Llopart’s visit

On September 26th started a new school year in Eina’s Master in Graphic Design, made up of 26 participants this time.

Shortly after, the students receive a visitor as part of the program of the Graphic Arts subject: it’s no other than Rai Llopart, from the Atlantis company, who came to teach a masterclass on types of paper and printing systems.

Rai talks about both basic concepts of the sector and very specialized procedures. Some of the topics commented are the differences between coated, uncoated and fine papers; the properties of dry and liquid toner; UV inks and varnishes; or techniques like embossing or stamping.

The lecture was filled with examples, some of them being screened and some others being touched thanks to numerous paper samples. The students have now a lot of new options to consider for their forthcoming projects.

If you are interested in Antalis (specialists in paper distribution, packaging solutions and visual communication aid) you can visit their website here.



Buy Yourself

The subject of Web Projects, taught by Anna Fuster, addresses the development of a web project, its approach and the obtaining of a functional prototype, graphic proposals, layout and server installation. Within the framework of this course, the students of the master’s degree have been visited by two representatives of Buy Yourself, an innovative app that allows you to buy without queuing. The two representatives, designer and programmer of this start-up, have explained to us the operation of their project, the development process they carried out both at the level of user-based design and organization and management of the business system.

Along the talk, they have evidenced the importance of understanding the user’s context and adjusting the project to their needs, based on UX / UI techniques and processes. In their case, they have sought to solve the problem of queues when buying in a clothing store and make this experience more practical for the user. By the moment, they have focused on small clothing stores, since the app is in a first phase of launch and implementation in this type of commerce is simpler.

Screenshots from APP Buy Yourself
  1. Enter to the store, choose the products and scan with the APP their bar codes.
  2. You can automatically discover the features of the product, such as when you buy online.
  3. The purchase is made without queuing to pay. Simply by pressing a buy button.

The talk has had several moments where members of the Buy Yourself team advised students about the role differentiation within a company, the role of the designer, their interaction and understanding with other professionals and also about models of financing and promotion within the economic framework of a start-up.

Coffee with Adrià Sánchez

On May 8th we had a coffee with Adrià Sánchez, Chief Design Officer of Wallapop. The conference, titled Wallapop: Chronicles of a Designer, has dealt with the trajectory of Wallapop. The success of the application has made him suddenly seen with the situation of designing screens that receive 20 million visits a day.

Adrià is from Barcelona, a bar-tracted to absurd ideas and leads the design department of Wallapop. Formed in Elisava, he previously worked in bars and design studios such as Zulinema. He spent a period of time working in agencies, but basically his work was focused on freelances of design and projects of his own. It was then when he began to make his own apps as in the case of “To Beer”, a personal project to find beer around you that failed. Finally, his next project was Wallapop.


This has been the last conference of Coffee with …a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design. Basing on different professional perspectives and points of view, they deal with topics related to the field of graphic design. These are a series of one-hour monthly meetings open to the public.

Coffee with Pau Masiá

On April 3rd, we had a coffee with Pau Masiá, a former student of EINA, while he talked about how he has been Designing the experiences of the future, title of this edition. Pau spoke about the role he currently plays in Telefónica I+D, in user experience design, and has made a brief review of the projects he has been through (Firefox OS, Firefox Hello, Tuenti), explaining how the role of the designer changes in each of them and what skills are needed for each type of project. You can listen to the conference by following this link.

Pau Masiá finished graphic design studies at EINA in 2013. In January 2014 he joined Telefónica I+D in the Firefox OS project as a visual designer. Since then he has participated in projects of global scope, working with professionals from all over the world. In 3 years it has been able to collaborate with companies such as Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox browser, and he currently works in the design department of Tuenti, creating the new Telefónica project to bring data management closer to users.

This is the sixth edition of “Coffee with…”, a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design where, basing on different professional points of view, they deal with topics related to the field of graphic design. “Coffee with …” is a series of one-hour monthly meetings open to the public.


Coffee with Rosa Medina

On March 6th, the conference of “Cafè amb Rosa Medina” titled UX and Viking life was done. Rosa Medina finished her graphic design studies at EINA in 2010. She continued at EINA doing a Web Design postgraduate and Web 2.0 at UPF, combining studies and freelance work in UX / UI and front-end development in several projects. In 2013, after participating in the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (IDRC) summer course, she decided to move to Denmark and study a Master’s Degree in Service Design at the AAU. Since 2015 she has worked for several Danish companies with the roles of usability tester and UX designer. She currently works as a UX designer for Momondo. You can listen the recording of this conference in this link.

“Cafè amb…” is a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design where, basing on different professional points of view, some subjects related with the design field are dealt. This is a series of one hour length monthly meetings, free and open to public.

Coffee with Carles Murillo


On February 20th we had a coffee with Carles Murillo, a former student of EINA. The title of this edition was Truths and varietés and it dealt with the role of the designer beyond the standard definition or more immediate of graphic design, as it can be the one of the designer-publisher, the designer-enabler or the designer-illustrator. You can listen to the recording of the conference by accessing this link.

Carles Murillo is a graphic designer, art director and independent illustrator specialized in the cultural sector who lives and works in Barcelona. For 13 years he has been project manager and the leader designer of the Barcelona headquarters of Bisdixit, where he was awarded several times at the Laus Awards, the Daniel Gil Awards (Visual), the Art Directors Club of New York, the Tokyo Type Director’s Club and the ADCE.

He is, among other things, a professor at IDEP, co-creator of artzine Papermind, father of the illustrated satirical newspaper Pescao Fresco and collaborating editor, art director and graphic designer of the Colombian magazine Yuca. He believes above all in ideas, in intelligent solutions, work, in culture, in self-publishing, in the marginal, in the role and in doing things with absolute passion and dedication; Does not believe, among others, in the star-system, nor in the mainstream, nor in the class difference, nor in the politicians, nor in the “official versions.”

“Cafè amb…” is a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design where, basing on different professional points of view, some subjects related with the design field are dealt. This is a series of one hour length monthly meetings, free and open to public.