Visit to two design studios

The working dynamics in a design studio can be very diverse, depending on the environment where it is carried out. In this double activity, the students have known at first hand the Roomrooms’ team and, later, they have had a guided walking through Morillas agency installations.

Both agencies have very different characteristics. The Roomrooms’, is a three workers company, Blanca, Gemma y Elena. Besides, they count on 2016_theroomroomssome reliable suppliers. They explained some self promotion ideas that they use, and how they work on intern management. Plus, they showed the process of two of their projects, Vallformosa and 7000 m² de tiempo. Time with them was interactive and dynamic. The three ones together  have achieved the perfect mix between assignment tasks and teamwork.

On the other hand, Morillas has a bigger and more complex structure. It is a branding y packaging specialized agency, with a strong experience on the sector. 2016_morillas1The departments are distributed along the different floors, where we find well organized teamworks in charge of strategy, identity, naming, branding, and 3D product design. During the guided visit, master students could talk with some of representative of different departments. The company have some of the best known brands brands in consumer sector on his client portfolio.

Coffee with Irene Sierra

Today It’s been held the conference “Cafè amb Irene Sierra”, former student in EINA and founder of Sila. Under the title Drawing your career, Irene explained her experience to starting her own business, having lived abroad before and later working in a well known shoe company.

The conference has been the second edition of “Coffee with…”, a speech cycle focused on EINA’s Master of Graphic Design where, basing on different professional points of view, some subjects related with the design field are dealt. This is a series of one hour length monthly meetings, free and open to public.



(Català) Arts Gràfiques Orient


“Controlling the printing process and all the possibilities of implementation is key to become an outstanding graphic designer”

02With this basis, Master’s Graphic Design students, kept in mind at Arts Gràfiques Orient Printing lead by Josep Amat. A great professional who through his experience and the spirit of innovation and experimentation of the printing, gave the keys to work in a comprehensive manner the relationship between the graphic designer and the printer.

Topics such as the preparation of a document, format of the project, inks, printing type, production costs … in short, all the pre-production of a graphic piece, furthermore the importance of being imprint in the process and the good planning of resources to spend. Essential processes that are learned through experience but thanks to these two sessions, have been able to make the students of Master in Graphic Design take this knowledge to apply to their own projects.



“Design for life”. 99 projects for every day

Those who walk everyday through the subway or at least on Barcelona streets, maybe you’ve already noticed that the Design Museum of Barcelona hosts its first temporary exhibition “Design for Living”. This is a big exhibition that shows the design as an act of mediation between different groups. The designer watches and talks with other people, detects a problem and finds a solution. It is a design not as focused on the author as on the user experience. The exhibition includes 99 innovative proposals that want to fight everyday problems and make easier the daily life of the people. Among all the proposals, we can find a project from two teachers of EINA, Daniel Julià and Anna Fuster, who take part in the exhibition with, a network that offers real-time information on trains that provide service users via Twitter. – Photgraphy loaned by the Master in Digital Arts UPF

From February 19th to May 18th

Tuesday and Wednesday 10-20 h
Thursday 15-20 h
Friday 10-15 h

General admission: 4,4 €
Reduced admission: 3 €

More information:
Design Museum of Barcelona | Tel. 93 256 68 00

Visit to SYL

The students of the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, within the subject taught by Lluc Massaguer, visited SYL, a printing office that develops integral services in graphic arts and has specialized in large format books.

Montse Serra guided the visit and they made a tour through the whole process of the graphic production, from the correction of the originals and the preprinting, until the last steps like the folded and stapling, passing by the engraving of the plates, the operation of the offset machines and other final effects. It was a very good experience for the students, who had the opportunity to see all what they learned in class. You can see a video that show how the visit in the following link: SYL visit.