Graphic Design in Architecture’s field

The Master in Graphic Design has been in the architectural awards DTF Design the Future, architecture magazine and PFC. The event counted on the participation of Lluc Massaguer, coordinator (together with Anna Fuster) of the Master in Graphic Design in EINA. She was part of the jury that chose the winners of the award for the best PFC statewide. The event took place last 28th February in the auditorium of Cibeles Palace in Madrid.

In this context, Lluc Massaguer explained that “From the Master in Graphic Design in EINA, which is aimed at graduates in other close design disciplines like Photography, Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication or Architecture, among others, we believe that is very important the build of new professional profiles that combine knowledge and practices of some different fields which can be more or less distant from graphic design as it has been understood until now. It is for this reason that we found interesting the proposal of the magazine DFT to take part as jury on its awards. It shows that, from the architecture in this case, the graphic design is important in its planning and construction process”.