Graphic Production

The subject of Graphic Production that belongs to the Postgraduate of Design of Graphic Elements taught by the professor Lluc Massaguer address the study of supports, processes and printing techniques. The goal to achieve by the students is to know the professional relationship between the graphic designer and the printer and learn the preparation of the originals to be reproduced. These are some of the resulting works from the 2016 promotion.


Natural inks for screen printing – Irati Antia

Irati’s project is a investigation work that has aimed at the creation of new inks for screen printing. The distinctive point of her work is the use of natural pigments and organic elements to achieve different color schemes. Once she got them, she has tested the inks by the technique of screen printing.

How to collectivize graphic production? – Júlia Valldolitx

Julia has focused her project on the collectivization of a printing press, reflecting on the role of graphic production within social movements. The work is based on the case of the Collective Printing of Can Batlló. Taking advantage of the occasion, Julia includes her participation in the Grafika Workshop held in the multipurpose room of Can Batlló. The event, given by the Mexican collectives Queenmob and Casiopex, consisted of a wood engraving workshop and the exposition Prints in Resistence.

Introducing Explosionism – Oscar Mata

Oscar has based his project on the experimentation with Explosionism. The creator of this technique, Drew Lausman, defines it as a new form of modern art that consists of blowing up the painting using firecrackers, in order to get splashes on its canvases. The aim has been to put this system into practice in order to master it, to detect the risks and to reflect on possible innovations or applications.