Rich-Media Projects

In Rich-Media Projects, taught by Joan Ribas and Arnau Lacambra, the students learn how to develop web projects with interactive experiences so they can explore other ways to create narratives and to enrich the user experience. These are some of the final projects:

“John Baldessari” – Marta Font

Marta Font’s project is a monographic about the conceptual art of John Baldessari. In this project she does a tribute to his series Connecting Dots, where Baldessari hides the subject’s faces behind colored dots to give the viewer a chance to focus in other aspects of the image.

The concept behind the facial recognition piece comes from the idea of using the surveillance camera’s technology to bring Baldessari’s concepts to the web. She uses a web camera and a facial recognition code that was taught to cover people’s faces with colored dots depending on their mood. Following the chromatic palette of Prima Facie, another series by Baldessari, the colors represent the different moods of the users. Prima Facie is a latin expression that means “the first impression”, which we often perceive from the facial expression of someone.

“Akira Minagawa” – Nele Kempenaers

Akira Minagawa is a Japanese textile and clothes designer with a romantic, slightly naïve, style. In this rich-media project, designed and developed by Nele Kempenaers, a selection of his work is shown in an interactive way.

Akira Minagawa’s design

“I’m okay” – Francis Ortega

Interactive website that illustrates the negative thoughts generated by anxiety and invites the user to experiment his or her symptoms in a playful and visual way. The pop-up windows reappear once they are closed, generating a feeling of stress similar to what could be suffered with this disease.