Analysis and Management of Digital Publications

In the subject of Analysis and Management of Digital Publications, we have developed infographics of topics related to the Internet and technologies. In the last session with Diego Fernández, we showed our results in class to share and discuss them all together.

Every project was diverse at both formal and content level. Themes were very broad: from the existence of cookies, the world of emojis, the success of online dating, the streaming music, the usage and abuse of smartphones or Instagram and the curious case of #foodporn.

Anàlisi i Gestió Digitals

Digital Analysis and Management – Infographics

We already have the first instalment made by the students of postgraduate in Design of Digital Publications at EINA, specifically, in the subject of Analysis and Management of Digital Publications by Diego Fernández.

In this case, students had to design an infographic from any relevant data from Internet, social networks, SEO, SEM, etc. In this context, one of the main aims was to analyse and assimilate a dataset to be expressed in understandable way through telling a story, an anecdote or simply making a comparison.