Analysis and Management of Digital Publications

In the subject of Analysis and Management of Digital Publications, we have developed infographics of topics related to the Internet and technologies. In the last session with Diego Fernández, we showed our results in class to share and discuss them all together.

Every project was diverse at both formal and content level. Themes were very broad: from the existence of cookies, the world of emojis, the success of online dating, the streaming music, the usage and abuse of smartphones or Instagram and the curious case of #foodporn.

Credits to close Video and Animation

The students from Digital Video and Animation subject in Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design close the subject with the presentation of their credits.

Most students started from scratch in terms of knowledge in animation with After Effects. In less than a month, they challenged theirself to make movie credits with the technical and concept that seems most convenient to their film.

Here it is a selection of some credits which were showed during the last class given by the teacher and filmmaker Jordi Capdevila.

Audiovisual projects

The students from Digital Video and Animation subject in Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design  showed their audiovisual projects to test their skills in the preproduction, shooting and postproduction stages of any audiovisual product. They were free to chose their topic. Here it is a selection of some videos which were showed during the subject given by the teacher Jordi Capdevila.

Ana: In ‘Paper Dream’ a piece of paper comes alive to experience adventures, survive and discover himself. Since the moment when it jumps into the water like a fish, occur some surprises and dangerous situations that must sneak becoming new animals. The biggest challenge in recreating this animation was to light up the place and to make that objects would allow make the movements of the figures in a confined space.

Santi: ‘Istantes’, poem attributed to Borges, but whose real author is Donald Herold, talks about the pass of the time and the enjoyment of life. The short and detailed shots help to give emphasis and rhythm to the video. For its part, the movement of the spotlight enhance the expressions to emphasize the idea of the time on the characters.

Olga: ‘Primavera Vall Llach’ is intended as the first of a total of four videos, as many as seasons are in the year. The idea was to show the environment and what’s happening around the winery. The village of Porrera, the vines, the animals, the sun, the people and everything that makes the wine so special.

Antonio: ‘Fuck It’ is a television commercial that tries to reverse the usual narrative of such videos. Brands always relate sport with feelings of hyperactivity and histrionics exacerbated passion, but here is the B-side: the sport is not always good and it also has drawbacks. The main references are announcements of their own brand, which have inspired the aesthetic result of ‘Fuck It’.

Ariadna: ‘Terra Sorda’ is a documentary portrait of the Boixar, a village located near the intersection of Catalonia, Aragó and València. Less than six are the residents who live there during the year. The protagonist of the story is intended to be a reflection of the situation for which the people who already have left the village have been through. ‘Terra Sorda’ gets into the darkness of the streets to learn more about the reality that exists there.

Isabel: I’ve noticed that museums have evolved into a kind of theme park for grown ups. People go for different reasons: most are genuinely curious, others are bored, some go just to say that they’ve been there, a few aren’t quite clear on why they’re there in the first place. In this scenario, it seems as though the art is doing all the heavy lifting–giving beauty and culture to people but they never seem to receive the understanding they deserve.

Andrea: My intention with this video, more than practise with the edit process, was to practise with the art direction. I decided that my job would be to create a very easy and visual tutorial about making cookies. The main problem was that I hadn’t a big kitchen. So everything was recorded in outdoors table, with natural light. In addition, to give more life to the images, I chose to spice up the font (although this task was put in charge by Alejandro Arroyo) and I focused on the artistic direction of the video.

Edward: ‘Coffee Break’ is a short film in stop motion style. It describes the process of preparation making coffee with the personification of objects and with a funny twist.

Express self-portraits

First class and first four hours of Digital Video and Animation subject to test communication skills from the students in Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design.

The challenge? Introduce oneself. The media? A smartphone, a pen, some paper and lots of imagination. From the combination of these, the students get some videos that you can see below. They were recorded and edited during the first class of Digital Video and Animation subject given by the teacher Marcel Juan.