Analysis and Management of Digital Publications

In the subject of Analysis and Management of Digital Publications, we have developed infographics of topics related to the Internet and technologies. In the last session with Diego Fernández, we showed our results in class to share and discuss them all together.

Every project was diverse at both formal and content level. Themes were very broad: from the existence of cookies, the world of emojis, the success of online dating, the streaming music, the usage and abuse of smartphones or Instagram and the curious case of #foodporn.

Fanzine MDG St Jordi

A ZINE about Saint George

On the occasion of Sanit George, some of the students of the Master’s in Graphic Design have developed a collective fanzine.

This proposal comes from the desire to share personal interpretations of the 23rd of April’s festivity. The 11 participants, narrate and illustrate based on typical elements from the popular legend. Books, dragons and kisses appear in different ways at the same time we question them, reinterpreting the story with princesses that puncture and roses that are not for sale anymore.

The self-edition consists of 28 pages, black and white interiors and a silk-screen cover printed in the workshop of EINA Espai Barra de Ferro. In the same Arts Centre, the fourth edition of PRINT.ed Singular Publications fair took place on Saturday 21st of April, where the zine was available from 11 am to 8 pm.

Daniel Iglesias @dani_bydani

Aina Alsina @aidux_

Paula Lavergne @paulalavergne

Blanca Garaluce @blancagaraluce

Judith Murcia @judithmurcia

Àngela Balcells @ngeladraws

Gemma Fontanals @gemfontanals

Laura Magallón @cosmichorchata

Andrea Rueda @andreard_

Maria Millán @mariamies

Emily Eldridge @emily_eldridge_art

Credits to close Video and Animation

The students from Digital Video and Animation subject in Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design close the subject with the presentation of their credits.

Most students started from scratch in terms of knowledge in animation with After Effects. In less than a month, they challenged theirself to make movie credits with the technical and concept that seems most convenient to their film.

Here it is a selection of some credits which were showed during the last class given by the teacher and filmmaker Jordi Capdevila.

Redesigning websites museums

From the subject given by Anna Fuster, Web Projects, have emerged some of the projects that you can see in this blog post. The action, part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Web design featuring by the Master of Graphic Design in Eina, sought to reform or define the museum’s website that each student have chosen. The process went through a phase of analysis and documentation from related websites but also of the model itself that begin to approach for obtaining a functional prototype, also through a graphical proposal, layout and installation on the server. Before of these, each project would go through a process of adaptation and analysis from the point of view of the user (UX/UI) thanks to the professor Enric Mor. In each case are different the itineraries that each student has worked on, give them a look!

Ana Pérez Mato – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo (MARCO)

Isabel Gatuslao – Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Santiago Sánchez de Castro – Conjunto Arqueológico de Baelo Claudia

Ariadna Rodríguez Masià – Museu de la Mar de l’Ebre

Olga Pedreira- Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Marina Guadix – DOMUS Hogar de las artes

Express self-portraits

First class and first four hours of Digital Video and Animation subject to test communication skills from the students in Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design.

The challenge? Introduce oneself. The media? A smartphone, a pen, some paper and lots of imagination. From the combination of these, the students get some videos that you can see below. They were recorded and edited during the first class of Digital Video and Animation subject given by the teacher Marcel Juan.