“The safest memories”, TFM de Paula Soler Blasco

“The safest memories” Final Master’s work by Paula Soler Blasco, was tutored by Martí Ferré.

This is is an editorial project that focuses on autobiographical memory; a conceptual an aesthetic exploration through the nature of memories and a tribute to handmade processes.

The project consists on redesigning the book “Why life speeds up as you get older” from Douwe Draaisma, a Dutch psychologist who specializes in the basis and mechanisms of the human memory.

The project utilizes the possibilities of graphic arts to express the intrinsic characteristics of memories and give the text another layer of significance, aiming to create a more complex narrative that communicates how our memory works not only in a descriptive way, but also through the visual language, immersing the reader in a laberintic journey that helps understand how we remember and why we forget.

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