Visit to two design studios

The working dynamics in a design studio can be very diverse, depending on the environment where it is carried out. In this double activity, the students have known at first hand the Roomrooms’ team and, later, they have had a guided walking through Morillas agency installations.

Both agencies have very different characteristics. The Roomrooms’, is a three workers company, Blanca, Gemma y Elena. Besides, they count on 2016_theroomroomssome reliable suppliers. They explained some self promotion ideas that they use, and how they work on intern management. Plus, they showed the process of two of their projects, Vallformosa and 7000 m² de tiempo. Time with them was interactive and dynamic. The three ones together  have achieved the perfect mix between assignment tasks and teamwork.

On the other hand, Morillas has a bigger and more complex structure. It is a branding y packaging specialized agency, with a strong experience on the sector. 2016_morillas1The departments are distributed along the different floors, where we find well organized teamworks in charge of strategy, identity, naming, branding, and 3D product design. During the guided visit, master students could talk with some of representative of different departments. The company have some of the best known brands brands in consumer sector on his client portfolio.