“Yonsei: A Japanese American Story”, by Kenzie Yoshimura

“Yonsei: A Japanese American Story”, Final Master’s work
by Kenzie Yoshimura, was tutored by Nikita Bashmakov.

It is an editorial publication about the Japanese incarceration in the United States during World War II and the silence around the topic, both intergenerationally among Japanese families as well as in United States history and memory.

  • Kenzie Yoshimura, maqueta del llibre Yonsei

By weaving together one family’s history with a carefully selected collection of official photos from the United States government, this book intends to honor and preserve the memories of past generations while creating a new narrative around the originally propagandistic official images.

This book is an homage to the unique Japanese American experience and the author’s journey to understand her own family’s history and its place in the complex history of the United States. As the generation who experienced the camps ages and as the U.S. treads treacherously in modern issues of discrimination, exclusion and political injustice against minorities, it is a crucial time to tell these stories.